My Home amongst the rice paddies, on the Island of the Gods, in the Republic of Absurdistan.

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Off in the Distance
a small two storey
Bungalow sits admist
the rice fields.
Completely walled and hidden amongst shrubbery. With a modest garden and featuring a 2 space motor bike garage. Across the draw bridge, and over the moat that surrounds two sides, is the dinning room. The moat is stocked with ferocious Koi.
Here is the Angel of the house, Ketut. She cooks and cleans. 8am to 2pm though leaves most days at midday. The do nothing area, a feature of  most Balinese houses. The do nothing  and rock, rocking chair. The formidable entrance to my Bedior/Office. My Alarm clock for the month prior to the rice harvest, she scares the birds away starting from 6:30am.
Ah the view. View with Compound temple. Something to reflect apon. Just another Bloody Sunrise, from the do nothing area. Just another Bloody Sunset, also from the do nothing area.
The driveway only for the Sober, and never for the faint hearted.