Spring is here and our minds turn to love
Engulfed in the spring bloom
Driven by nature
Fuelled by exposed flesh

Soon the heat will dampen our delusions
Lust is all that remains
Too hot and pensive to be home alone
The people of Sydney take to the streets
Independence granted by anoniminity
Hot sweaty flesh in search of Passion

Escaping the repressive feel of winter
Drunk on the excesses of summer
Free to do as we wish
Blaming nothing but the moment

Xmas is cast off as it were a burden
The party begins in earnest
The tempo climbs
We catch glimpses through the writhing throng
Of our wildest desires
Exquisite sensual and wet
A shell into which we stuff our dreams

Limited by credit and stamina
We start to drop
We go home to stay
Convince becomes the order
Even the depraved, lost, and lonely,
Succumb to the heat that released them

We sit around at recovery
Eyeing with whom we sit
Planning our last fling
As we start to feel the doors of winter close
All is cast to the first Southey
We join the sweaty throng once more

This time not for Passion but
For this winters blanket
Attractive as possible
Warmth and security a must
We want one for life
If the cost is not too great

We ask for lifetime guarantees
But the moths hatched from our own in securities
Eat holes in the image of what there is

Sobered by the introvertness of winter
The winter rains Wash away
The rose from our glasses
Our dreams turn to that one last,
Passionate summer
This time believing
We shall find the contradictions
We seek
Or Alas
Expelled the last of our youth

James Vodanovich


\ Email james@jvodan.com