The room had such a drunkenness about it, that the sober and hyper-sober where dragged down into its intoxicated depths. A girl sailed into the room, dressed in a loose short skirt and cutoff top. Slowly all eyes not lost in others, turned to her, for she was very sexy, not attractive just plain sexy. Her body was slim and taught, her sexuality flaughted expertly. Pirroetting she called out
"AAHGGHH Hoave I had a bad night or what?"
"I went to Hairdresser tonight; right, and had me pubes done"
Frank Sinatra on the duke box had the place to himself, as all eyes turned and stared, people came from the other room.
"I went to the Michael Jackson Concert Tonight"
"Got right up the front, right!"
"and Shouted Suck my Fanny Lips Mother fucker!"
shout this out she did, bar staff came running
"Oh her"
was their response She turned looking around the room meeting the stares, most dropped well in advance, she meet the persistent eyes with.
"Whatcta looking at!"
She sat on a table, in front of two nineteen year old s from the burbs, who where way out of their depth, their cloths and lost stares of amazement gave it all away. She lay back and air cycled, her short skirt fall aside to reveal tight pink briefs, so tight as to give testament to her hairdresser story. This was too much for the lads from the burbs, they headed for the door, she jumped into their vacant seats.
"Ah that's what I twas after, argh"
The larger about 186cm returned and threw his drink her face before bolting down the stairs.
"Argh Ya fuckin dirty mongrels".
The bouncer stuck his head around the corner, then looked down the stairs, shook his head and returned to what he hoped was his evenings conquest.
Single men's eyes continually strayed in her direction, while most woman gave her at least one cold disapproving stare, the waitress took her order. Once again the jukebox contested against the noisy room.
"All I want is 7 inches of uncircumsized hard cock"
she yelled. Most did their best to ignore this outburst, a few giggled while some men stared almost drooling, the waitress returned with her drink
"Keep tha Change"
paying with a $20 from a large wad of money, she took a sip of her cocktail looked around the room and snarled
"Ah Fuck Ya's All!"
before lurching across the room into a single chair, she put down her drink and passed out, her wad of cash poking out from the top of her bag. Two English girls with toffee accents eyed her from above making disparaging remarks to their dates. A group of newly arrived men eyed her with interest.
"Can't leave her like that, not with that cash, come on gives us a hand"
prompted Mal, so we went over and sat on across from her, Mal prodded her, she came to with
"Whatca want? Fuck off".
"I don't want anything, just becareful with that money, or someone will take it"
"Do Ya want a drink !"
replied Mal.
"How about you, Ya want a drink I've got Money"
she called to me, thrusting the wad my way, I just shook my head. She coughed up two wads of mucus
and spat them into the fireplace, she coughed up a third and spat on the arse of one of the toffee English girls. Whose first reaction was to grab her arse, feeling the slime she
turned with a look of immense disgust, apon seeing the girl her face almost turned to pity
"I'm sorry, I'm crude but I had to spit, I didn't spit on you, I spat there, I know it's gross 'n all, but I had to",
rantered the girl,
"It's Ok forget it"
the English girl replied in a soft cultured voice. As soon as she turned back to her conversation the girl stuck her tongue out before wisphering loudly
"I got her ",
The English girl turned again, once again the girl ranted
"I didn't spit on you, I spat there, I know it's groose",
The English girls moved to the next room, victory was claimed with
"Eh I showed her".
"You're evil."
Mal told her, She stuck her tongue out, took a sip of her drink and staggered across the room to our old chairs.
A bloke behind us lent over said
"Too much trouble, imagine having that hung-over tomorrow ya couldn't wait to get rid of her."