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An Empirical Approximation of Orgasm Intensity for Normal Couples

J.L. Vodanovich B.S.A

A model to predicate the amount pleasure received during a sexual encounter
is developed and applied successfully to two test cases.

All the research presented, is for the normal situation heterosexual, with no external stimulae, such drugs and fetish scenes. There are certain legal difficulties in experiments involving drugs and fetish scenes, so only antidotal references can be presented.

For the special case of two virgins, the mean fun for a sexual encounter is dependent on the intrinsic physical qualities of the sex organs of the pair involved and the mood of the pair during the act. For non virgins we must take into account the inhearant ability of each partner and their experience with each other.

For Virgins F = (EP + VW ) * M /2

F Fun
E Erection operator
P Penis
V Virgina
W Wetness Coe-f.
M Mood (scalar) from M^2 = m[male]^2 + m[fmale]^2 + m[male].f[male]
m[male] Male mood vector
m[fmale] Female mood vector.

E is H.h.m[male]

H Head coe ff
h Hand coe-ff

W is T.F.m[fmale] + KY

T Tongue coe ff
F Finger coe-ff
KY added lubricant factor

m[fmale] axis are L and S

L love factor.
S inhearant slutiness .
Love must always be measured on commencement of the act, as we have no reliable model for it. Love is time dependent, but we assume, that delta l during the duration of the act is small.

Slutiness is dependent on
l lust suspectability
D dick size
A archetypal coe ff
D mary vary during the duration of the act but is assumed to be almost constant.

m[male] axis are A and T

A archetypal Coe ff
T time since last last sexual encounter (weeks) or birth (months).
These remain constant for the duration of the act.

In a cold empty room all other mood coefs -> 0

For two strangers in a dark cold room with no Music M equates 1
eq1 reduces to

F = EP + VW

M is always positive


m(male) the male mood is degraded by C*(Cn/Nn)

C Condom constant this is a constant for the type/brand of condom ie "Rough Rider"/Durex
Cn/Nn is the ratio of the number of sexual encounters with a condom to without for the male
This is for the regular male condom
For the female condom there is very little data yet, but it is believed that the both male and female mood vectors are affected, and a condom constant is nessecary for the female.


This equation fails to take note of experience and ability as well as familiarity.

The equations F = (EP +VW) * M and the mood independent form
F = EP + VW are only applicable to virgin's or near virgins

The full form for experienced lovers is

Fn = (EP + VW) [* M + f.Sumof(F(f)) From F0 to Fn-1,
+ m.Sumof(F(m)) " "]

f is the relative ability of the female
m is the relative ability of the male

f and m are calculated by integral of dF/dn since first sexual encounter
f and m are normalised such that the mean of a population
is one fmale orgasm per sexual encounter at the age of 30.


This equation is still for relative strangers.

For couples it is more correct to add the sum of their Fun
together. Similar to the stranger experience series
which is replaced by and inherent ability term for each partner
in fmale Orgasms per sexual encounter.
This coe-ff has a range of .1 and 20

The results from the research show F only exists when the following conditions are meet
E > .5 and E.W > .5 s

Test Cases

M can be imaginary when only one of m[male] and m[fmale] is < 0
As expected the pleasure is imaginary on one side and negative on the other.

When both m[male] and m[fmale] are < 0 M is positive Agreeing with the observation that love and hate can drive sexual pleasure to equal levels.

Further work

Excluded Factors

Fetish artifacts are dependent of the persons involved, we cannot describe this until a personality tensor is developed, which is outside the scope of this work.

Drug artifacts almost cancel in m[male]*f[fmale]. Alcohol is a good example of this cancellatation, while S (slutiness) may increase due to an increase in Lust suspectabilty, the males E operator is often heavily degraded. Cocaine is also an example of this, but is nonlinear with respect to the E operator, showing no degradation at low dosage, but heavily deteriates for medium dosages and above, whereas the Lust suspectabilty increases exponentially with dosage.

A tantric form must take into account the male Orgasms per sexual encounter coe-ff
This coe-ff has a range of 1 to 10 (1 in the non trantic case) with m the relative ability of the male, replaced by T*m.


Possible tests to scale against

Low range

Rage induced.
Time short of fmale Orgasm (Only estimatable)

Medium range
Length of fmale Orgasm
Number of fmale Orgasms

High to very high (in order)
Scream Test
Scratch Test
Bite Test
Psychological Damage Test*

*Possible difficulties with ethics committee

Dedicated to all reductionist s