The carrying bag, the cocks arrive in bags like this, they often carried in pairs on a motor bike like side saddles.

Always a lot of waiting in Indonesia.

Old Friends.

Old men sitting around comparing cocks, actually they are looking for cocks that want to fight each other.

Cocks are tested first to see if a pair raise enough interest from the crowd.

Another try out.

They are very gentle with their cocks, often they sit on the side of the road stroking them.

The weapons, razor sharp.

The blades are tightly bound on with thread.

The bounding is done by the appointed binder, to avoid disputes.

Proud owner presenting his cock to the betting circle.

Movie of the betting it's intense, and this is a very small event, events at times have over a thousand people. 1.27MB 207KB.

Sometimes the cocks are put in a cage to encourage them to fight.

The audience.

The winner bloodied, yet ready to fight another day.

What it is all about, spilling blood on the ground to satisfy the Gods quest for blood.

Vendors make the most of any with easy cash.

No luck with your cock try a game of cards.