Oga Oga Parade

Nypie is the new years day on the Balianese calendar, the night before they have an Ogga Ogga parade, making a hell of a racket, wit bamboo bombs and fire crackers the idea being to scare all the evil spirits away. The next day is the opposite, total quietness no lights at night, no music and no venturing out of your home, members of the village militia enforce this rule, they can venture out because they are protected by charms and magic spells, the quiet period is from the end of the Ogga Ogga parade until two sun rises latter (about 36hrs). The idea is that during the Ogga Ogga parade all the evil spirits are chased away and when they return the next day they find no one to possess and therefore settle elsewhere. The no noise no lights and no venturing outside rules are strongly enforced, Tourists who arrive on Nypei are shuttled to a hotel and not allowed out or even to the hotel they booked until the next day. These photos have been taken with a digital camera with a tiny flash, as it was almost pitch black framing the image and focusing was difficult, also due to the tiny flash many of these images have been 'pulled' from near blackness.


Iring Iringan Parade in Desa Duko Gria.

As the elderly Man at the Warung  (road side shop/stall) watching this event with me put it, 'In Bali often fruit walks by".


Cock Fight

Warning Contains Scenes of Animal Violence!

Cock fighting is illegal if not associated with a temple ceromony, the reasoning behind the event is to spill blood on the ground to satisfy the gods and demons thirst for Blood. This particular event a very small one with less than a hundred or so people present, at times before a big ceromony cock fights may have over a thousand people present.